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The Planets: Pluto

You asked, and I tried to deliver. Pluto, the ninth planet, is getting its moment in the sun today. This one was actually a pretty serious challenge, since Pluto is so far out that there aren't really any non-blurred pictures of it for me to go off of. I had to use (someone else's) artistic license for this one, but I think it still turned out ok.

Officially Pluto is not a planet anymore, just the largest thing in the Kuiper Belt. Some scientists have labelled it a "dwarf planet". It is mostly composed of rock and ice, which makes it different from its gas and ice giant neighbors. There are traces of methane, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide on the surface...all in ice form.

Poor Pluto is so far out there (32AU this year) that the Sun would look like just another star if you were standing on the surface. It's so far out in space, that scientists think its orbital period is almost 250 years. I say "think" because no one has been able to see it complete a Plutonian year yet. It wasn't discovered until 1930.

A few different sites said that the color of the surface is actually a reddish-brown color, but all of the telescope pictures I found showed it to be an overboiled egg yolk color. That would not make a nice manicure, so I found a rather striking rendering that I preferred. 



Colors Used:
Essie Power Clutch
OPI Alpine Snow
Octopus Party Laguna Bleach
Akira Lacquer Starfruit


  1. Replies
    1. haha thanks! This one is definitely not my favorite. I may have to revisit it next year, as there is a probe on its way to Pluto and we may get better images.

  2. Damn, comment just disappeared! I commented to tell you how much I enjoy this blog and to say thanks for all the effort and time you put into it. I've loved all your planet manicures, I think Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are my favourites appearance-wise. Would love to see some of the other celestial objects you were considering doing too, if not I may have to have a go myself!

    1. thank you very much. I'm glad to know that other people enjoy it too!

      I am definitely planning on doing more celestial stuff. There are still a few home system things I've been eyeing...and then after that I dunno. But if you do some as well, and are on instagram, tag them with "#theplanets" so I can find them! I would love for semi-educational nail art to become a thing!


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