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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NYC Sweet Candy Shimmer Blast

Around this time last year, I was over the moon about NYC Shimmer Blast.  I wound up hoarding it and I think there are probably six bottles of it in my house now.  Might be more.  It's one of those polishes that I don't ever want to be without, even though I haven't used it all that often.  So you can imagine that  I might have made a funny noise and maybe flailed a little when I saw Nouveau Cheap's post about a new Shimmer Blast called Sweet Candy.  Rite Aid isn't the easiest store for me to get to (would it kill them to have even one 24hr store around here?), but I went just a couple of days after I saw G.'s post and snagged a bottle of Sweet Candy, along with Mimosa Bouquet.  Life didn't let me really go full-out and swatch the original Shimmer Blast like I wanted to last year, so I made up for it this time!  There are a lot of photos in this post.  I compared it to the original too, if you're wondering.

Since I wore the first Shimmer Blast over a nude last time, let's take a look at Sweet Candy over one first.

Review: Kracie Naive Deep Clear Cleansing Oil

Continuing on the Asian beauty haul theme today, but with a cleanser. Seems like the US is always the last to get in on trends. Maybe we are too resistant to change? I dunno, but I am glad that I have the Internet, otherwise I would never have heard about cleansing oils and their awesomeness.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Love This Place

That title is corny as hell, I know...but I really do.  Earth Science and Natural History are minor obsessions of mine, going back as far as my love of polish.  Sure I loved Care Bears, My Little Pony, He-Man, and all the rest as a kid, but one of my absolute favorite things to watch was a National Geographic special called Born Of Fire.  Even as a preschooler, I was enthralled by the dynamic truth about the ground that seems so solid.  It still fascinates me.  I'm a nerd of the nerdiest kind, I know.  I'm celebrating Earth Day today by watching a somewhat more recent favorite, BBC's Earth Story and by doing this mani...

Max Factor Fantasy Fire: Layered

This is mostly going to be a polish-porn post. I am in love with Max Factor Fantasy Fire, and I feel compelled to layer it over everything I can find. It is so shiny!

two coats Carter + two coats Fantasy Fire

Monday, April 21, 2014

Zoya Earth Day Spam

This is the week for deals, isn't it?  Walgreens is having the Sinful Colors 99c sale again, The Body Shop will be doing their 4/$20 Hemp sale tomorrow, and Zoya's doing their Earth Day Polish Exchange.  Today through next Monday, 4/28, you can get half off (details and exclusions) your whole Zoya polish purchase.  It's usually one of their best deals of the year.  They'll also safely dispose of your unwanted polish from other brands (see details) if you have any to send.

You know what a sale like this means... It's spam time!

More Daiso Haulage: A Natural Plant Sponge

Yes, I'm still dragging out my Daiso goodies. I told you there were a lot. I'm try to space them out, post wise, so you don't get too overloaded. One of the things I was really hoping to find was a konjac sponge. I read an article last year about them, and I figured this would be the big Asian import for 2014. 

Looks like I was right, because tons of companies have come out with their own versions. I really didn't want to spend close to $20 for the Boscia one, so I was very glad to spy this "Natural Plant Sponge" at Daiso. I'm guessing that it is, in fact, a konjac sponge. I think I may need to make monthly trips up there, just for random things like this.

Walgreens 99¢ Sinful Colors Sale Spam

It's that time again already!  It's only been two months since the last 99¢ Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens, but they're doing it again.  It's been just long enough since the last one that I need to update my spam.  It always varies from one location to another, but in general the xmas stuff is probably gone.  Boldacious is a long-shot.  The Valentine's Day Tough Love display may still be lingering, so I've included it, but it's really a maybe at this point.  Even the Mod Mod World display has been out for a while, so some shades from that may be gone from your local Walgreens.  They also seem to be changing the core display, though none in my area have yet.  If you have more than one Walgreens near you, it's worth scoping them all out because you never really know what you might find!

Friday, April 18, 2014

My Picks from Sinful Colors Spring '14 - updated

The titles of my Sinful Colors posts often feel a bit vague.  This time it's my fault.  Rite Aid has two spring displays from them, called Mod In Bloom and Oh My Mod.  Nouveau Cheap posted about them back in January, and I bought my picks from those two displays in February or March.  Since then Walgreens has gotten the same shades, but combined into one larger display.  I swore I'd taken photos of it and...nope!  So now I don't remember what that display was called or if there were additional repromoted shades in it.  Derp.  I might be updating this post sometime in the next few days.  Gotta go to Walgreens to scope out clearanced easter candy on Monday anyway, right?  Derping aside, I wound up with two from each of the two spring displays.  Picking only four from thirteen new shades may seem un-me, but between pastels and near-dupes (as pointed out in this post on Nouveau Cheap), I didn't feel as drawn to these displays.  Oh My Mod also features Energetic Red, which I swatched last summer, so there's a rerun of that at the bottom of this post too.

-update- I am derping left and right. It turns out that Nouveau Cheap did post about the big Walgreens display back in March.  I've added more reruns to the bottom of the post.  Dream On is also included in this larger display, but it's the new version.  They changed the color but kept the name and number.  I'll have a swatch of that up pretty soon.

Violets Are Blue is a light cornflower blue with silvery-white microfleck shimmer.

My First French Manicure in a Long Time

It has been a long while since I was able to go bare nailed and not feel weird about it. My nails still aren't the flawless color they used to be, but they are definitely improving. I finally decided to try a simple-ish french, to see just how far I had come since the last time I tried this.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Picks from Wet n Wild MegaRocks

Back in early January I tried out one of Wet n Wild's new MegaRocks glitters, Stick It To The Man, and wound up loving it so much that I decided to try a few more from this new permanent line.  I wound up getting four more, but I got a bad case of layerer's block and finding bases I liked for these took way longer than I'd ever have expected.  Like I mentioned in my previous review, they just don't have as much going on as Stick It To The Man.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the only issue I had with them.  Nichole tried Creative Control and Slap The Bass and had a lot of the same difficulties.  I'm not writing this line off entirely, but beyond Stick It To The Man...well...please read on and see.

Waiting For My Solo has three sizes of gold hexagonal glitter.

over OPI Scores A Goal!

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