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One. Last. Time.

And here we are.  One last PGS post.  [Please read this post if you're confused.]  I figured I'd take this time to round out the longest-running series of posts on this blog.  There's a layering combo I've redone every once in a while.  It was one of my earliest posts and it's become my favorite way of looking back to see how my application and photos have progressed.

Here for the last time (at least on this blog) is Essie Shine Of The Times over OPI William Tell Me About OPI.

previous posts: July '12 * Oct '12 * March '14 least I'm pretty sure it's WTMAOPI.  I still haven't gotten around to checking it against my backup bottles of that shade.

previous posts: July '12 * Oct '12 * March '14

I'll admit to rarely being satisfied with my photos, even after three years.  There's some self-doubt behind that, but it also drives me to keep trying harder.  That's something I don't ever want to lose.  When I was editing the new photos, all I saw was flaws.  Once I put them into collages, I can't help but see a ton of progress.  My nail health and shape, polish application, and photo taking have all improved at each step.  It took me four tries over three years, but I finally got a true-to-color photo of WTMAOPI...or whatever it is.  My pose could be better and the polish...ugh...bubbled a little, but it's good to know I'm going in the right direction.

Every time I revisit this combo, I gush about everyone who's helped me along the way.  That's the other reason I did it again.  I wanted my last PGS post to be brimming with all of the gratitude I feel.

If I hadn't found the nail polish community, my nails would still look like they did in June or July of '12.  Every improvement I've made was helped along by tips and encouragement from so many people.

I thanked Nichole yesterday, but I'll say it here again.  PGS wouldn't have lasted or been any good without you, lady.  I love you.

Our readers also got a thank you earlier this week, but I'll do that again too.  Whether you read every single post or only come here in search of a specific product review, thank you!  If you comment, thank you extra!  There were times when blogging wasn't easy (more on that in my first post on my new blog), but I kept going for all of you.  Knowing you like us has been a huge boost when I really needed it.

Huge thanks go collectively to the members of the MakeupAlley Nail Board.  Almost everything I know about nails and polish, I know because of them.  They put me on the right path to healthy nails, spawned dozens (hundreds!) of lemmings, and made me feel like I belonged...even when I was still a hot mess.

Everyone who follows me on Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest, etc, thank you too!  There have been times when you've brightened my day without knowing it, just by liking my posts or saying something nice.

I've made so many friends on Nail Board, Twitter, redditlaqueristas, and Instagram.  I won't list names because I don't want to risk forgetting anyone, but you know who you are and what you mean to me.  Ok, I'll make one exception.'re my womance, my best cheerleader, my wonder twin...I couldn't love you more if I tried.  You're the best thing about my nail polish hobby.

I also need to thank loodie.  Even though she's pretty much gone from the community, we barely knew each other, and she'll probably never see this, my weak, shitty, peel-prone nails are safe and strong now because of her.  Thank you again, Nail Board, for pointing me to her insanely helpful blog!

Thank you yet again, everyone!  I'll see you on Monday, on Some Weird Sin!


  1. Thank YOU, lovely ladies, for this blog!

  2. *rises lighter in the night* Farewell to PGS. But I'll see ya ladies Monday!

  3. I'm so sad to see PGS end, but I can't wait to see what both of you do on your new blogs!


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