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Sinful Colors Lavender

See guys, I still buy regular polish. Indies might have ruined 99% of big-brand polishes for me, but I still find a few bits and baubles here and there. I have been super-attracted to dusty cool shades this year, so when I spied this at Target a few weeks ago, I had to have it.

It is the perfect shade of grayed-lavender. I love it. I have made it the base of a few different things lately. I even did a gradient with it not long ago. It applied nicely, only needing two coats to become perfectly opaque. I highly recommend grabbing this shade. I think it is a good all-seasons color.

Do you have any other dusty/muted colors that I need to know about? I feel like I could paint myself in them this year. Leave me recommendations in the comments!


  1. This might not be what you're looking for, but Sally Hansen Insta-Dri High Speed is a purplish-gray creme. It's an awesome opaque neutral with a dusty purple twist!

    1. I've got a grayish SH Insta Dri in the pipeline, but it isnt that one and now I need it.


    2. Haha! I would apologize to your wallet, but honestly... Insta-Dri's are pretty okay in price. I LOVE pairing this one with a silver glitter gradient, like Essie Set in Stones. Glad to know I helped! <3


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