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So I Tried to Do Some Stamping

promotional samples ahead

When I posted those Glam Polish swatches last week, I promised that you would see them again soon...and here is just the start! For some strange reason, I wanted to try stamping was only a little bit of fail. Out of 3 different attempts, this is the only survivor.

Colors Used
Glam Polish Whoosh!
Fresh Paint Firefly
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Rimmel Sweet Lavender

After cursing and crying and yelling, I managed to coerce Ms Polished Pathology into giving me tips. I don't think it turned out terrible...but I definitely need more practice. Dani of From Polish With Love did this awesome double stamped manicure a while back, and I figured I could do something similar...yeah. Not so much. I still like it, it just isn't as fab as I had originally hoped.

I think this turned out pretty well, all things considered. I am sure that no one other than me sees the flaws and the weirdness. We are all our own worst critic I suppose. But speaking of  Glam Polish...did you know that this collection is live today? At 6pm eastern-time, you can make these your very own. (yo


  1. Stamping placement is really tricky when it's just one design! I try to stamp on one day old polish so i can remove the mistake without taking off the base. This turned out awesome, though!!!

    1. <3 I ordered some plates from Born Pretty...we shall see what happens.

  2. This is great, stamping placement is always a trial! I would try stamping with full on designs, those seem to to better! If we ever have our epic nail party day I can show you a few pointers, been stamping for awhile now! :)

  3. I think it looks very pretty, Nichole! I have never tried stamping (terrified), but all of the examples I see on Instagrams are never ever perfectly clean. To paraphrase Hatchet Face in Cry-Baby: "It has character!"

    1. hahaha at least its worthy of a Hatchet-Face quote. I will wear it with pride!


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