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Color4 - Winter Chill

Since the year's still fairly new, it seemed like a good time to launch a new series of posts., like the year.  I technically did the first of these last fall (on craaaaazylong nails) and liked it so much I decided to make it a regular thing.  So really...this is hellacious procrastination.  What else is new?  The idea behind Color4 is to combine seasonally inspired colors with simple nail art, sort of like paint chips but also a wearable look.  Today's seasonal color palette, Winter Chill, is inspired by sunrise on a cold January morning.

Softened, "dusty" colors like these are just the thing after the glitz and glitter of xmas.  They're calming, but without being drab or cheerless.  A bunch of polishes in my stash fit this feeling, but the four I used here are Sally Hansen Resurrection and Gray By Gray, China Glaze History Of The World, and OPI Planks A Lot.  I used Wet n Wild Yo Soy! for a neutral background.  The lines were done with standard striping tape.  In anticipation of future Color4 posts, I've ordered'll see.  If I'm gonna keep doing these, I'll have to mix it up, right?  For now I'm happy with these results.

Additional shades within this same theme include:

What types of colors do you like most for this neglected season?


  1. I looooove this look! A really good idea to showcase colors of the season! Must try soon!

  2. I love this. As for the season, I's like a white with a hind of sparkle, because it still kind os snow-y & cool.

  3. I love this. So simple and palette cleanser and lovely!

  4. I love these! I think I might have to give my blues and nudes another look, I've been avoiding them and wearing neon in revolt of winter!


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