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Octopus Party Nail Lacquer: Two for Fifteen

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Are you kids ready for 2015? I sure as hell am not. There is far too much that I didn't get done in 2014, and time is not respecting my procrastinating spirit. The one shining beacon of hope is that new polishes are coming again. Thank the heavens. The first one across my plate is a pair from Octopus Party. Dave has done it again.

Baroque-n Record
I got to name this one, guys. Well...I helped. I threw about 10,000 baroquish puns at poor Dave until he cried for mercy. I guess one stuck, and this polish gained a name. It is the perfect bridge between deepdark winter and omghappy spring. It's green and teal and foggy and bright, with a bit of shimmer and a bit more scattered holo. I needed two thin coats for a completely opaque layer, which is always a lovely thing. Amazingly, even after sitting in my 40F mailbox for several hours this polish performed flawlessly. I feel like that really says something about the formula here...and I am not just saying that because I adore Dave.

Body Electric
This amazing peachy-gold-rosey-shimmery-scattered holo-flaky-somewhat green shade was a custom made for Desiree at All My Nubs. I am so glad that she agreed to let it be released to the world. It is just an amazing color. I can't quite describe it, and I love that. At one glance it is a lovely nude-ish neutral SFW color...and then you look closer. I wore this for several days (trying to catch the sun) and I noticed some amazing shifts. At super-extreme angles there is this It's wild. It just is. Thankfully for my horribly stained nails, it is opaque in three thinner coats. This might be my go-to "normal human" nail polish from now on. It reminds me of Fey from Hello if you need a matching eyeshadow, you might start your search there.

What are you looking forward to (polish-wise) for 2015? Is there anything on the horizon that is ruffling your skirts that I need to know about? I am looking forward to indies, because if these two are any is going to be a great year.


  1. Body Electric is freaking stunning! OPNL needs to be one of the indies I try out in 2015. ;)

  2. I just received Baroque-n Record in the mail yesterday! Haven't worn it yet but looking forward to! It is so unique to my collection!

  3. Pssst, the gold shimmer in Baroque-n Record are also duochrome but I couldn't catch it in pics *cries*

    1. if you cant capture it, it cannot be captured or it doesnt actually exist.


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