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Something weird happened yesterday.  I felt kinda alright for the first time in weeks.  It was wonderful!  All kinds of stuff was set aside while I was an allergy zombie, but it can wait.  I wanted to do my nails!  Spring can bite me at this point (it feels like it already has), so I went with fall colors instead.

My review for Rimmel Saturn and Mercury will be up soon, but the tl;dr is that Saturn is great to wear and Mercury stamps beautifully.  The plate I used is BM-720, Feathery Lullabies, from Bundle Monster's Secret Garden set.  The bird part of that plate seemed right for the oiled bronze look of Saturn.  The result looks like something you'd see on an ornate picture frame.  At least I've moved on from brocade fabrics, right?  Well...for now.

I could definitely have placed the bird better, because the face is a little hard to see.  I'm happy with it otherwise.  The oiled bronze look is stronger when it's matte, but I liked it glossy too.

Maybe the bird should have been a little smaller.  You'd need really long nails to get the whole beak-to-tail image.

I love the plate anyway and I'm really happy that Bundle Monster got in on the buffet/infinity style action.

So am I back?  Well...I hope so!  I have missed my life so much.  I hope my fellow allergy sufferers are starting to get some relief too.  I wish trees could find a way to reproduce that didn't make us sick!

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