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Octopus Party Spirit Mint: New vs Old

promotional samples ahead

Reformulation is a part of life, especially with indie brands. Sometimes it is a major change and others it is practically unnoticeable. This definitely falls into the "practically unnoticeable" category. I decided to take some awkward macro pics to compare the original Spirit Mint and the freshly reformulated version in celebration of OPNL being sold at Llarowe.

So lets get down to it. Is there a difference? Well, yeah. But its so subtle...I bet you can't tell. Don't cheat, but check out the next two pictures and see if you can guess...

one of these things is not like the other...

they don't look that different...
Aha! Did you guess it? Thats right! My thumb was the old version, and the rest of my fingers were the new!

Formula-wise, I think the new one is a little better. The holo is more pronounced in person and it is far less prone to brush strokes. It doesn't have that slightly gold tinge because apparently Dave kicked that shit to the curb...which is why the newbie is so super holo. (I wish I could show you, but hooray fog!) It also seemed to set up a lot faster and behaved better overall. Keep on doin' what you're doin' Mr. Octopus.

Let's have a quick look back. This is my original swatch:

original version
And the fresh one. I think my pics are...better?

new version

One last peek, up close and personal. If you have oogled the original Spirit Mint for these many months, then you are going to be a happy happy camper! It has only gotten better!


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