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Carpe Noctem Cosmetics: Read Or Die Collection

promotional samples ahead

I love when inspiration strikes. I love it even more when it smacks someone with the superawesomeskillz to create pretty things for me to wear. Emily from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics found inspiration in the Read Or Die saga, and we are all benefiting from it with this bad-ass trio of polishes.

While there are plenty of characters in this story, this trio was inspired by Yomiko, Miss Deep, and Drake Anderson. They are members of the British Library Special Operations Division and spend their days fighting terrorists, criminals, and inspiring awesomeness.

The Paper
This cafe au lait and gold shimmer polish was inspired by Yomiko Readman, a shy young lady with an amazing ability to control and manipulate paper. 

Now, time to talk about something I actually know a bit about! The Paper is a fabulous khaki neutral shade with a ton of gold micro-flakes. In doors, it is your perfect unassuming SFW beige. I needed three thin coats below, but I think two moderate coats would do most folks. One would almost think this polish is a little on the boring side...until they see it in the sunshine. Then the holo shines through and stops the show. It is definitely one of my favorite neutrals right now.

Drake is a pale emerald green with iridescent flakes and a subtle holo flare. It was inspired by Drake Anderson, a member of the team as Yomiko. He is a former Special Forces soldier and all-around average badass. 

This color is the closest polish I have ever seen to an actual emerald stone (which is my birthstone, btw). It is that perfect dusty jade green, almost opaque but not quite. The flakes are spaced out in the base, really resembling a natural stone. I needed just two medium coats for these pictures. I think I might have found my birthday polish.

Miss Deep
The inky violet holo was inspired by Nancy Makuhari, aka Miss Deep. She has the ability to phase through pretty much anything or anyone she chooses. She is a master of disguise, and I think this polish managed to capture her essence perfectly.

At first glance, this is a rather "normal" violet leaning black holo. Nothing too wild. But then you catch a flash of the icy blue flakes that are buried deep inside. Then, a warm purple flash will pop out at oblique angles. In normal light it almost has a duochrome quality, going from royal/navy to purple across the curves of my nails. It really is a great "mysterious" color.

This collection really is something special. You can absolutely tell when a maker does something from the heart as opposed to what is fitting with the current trends. Emily really feels the inspiration in this collection, and it makes each color better for it. These colors are so complex that I am actually going to be spending a few days watching the show that inspired them (because books are hard to keep track of in my house.)

The CNC shop will be open again on April 17, 2015. These should be up sometime in May. You always need another sfw neutral...and a green flaky...and a purple holo. Just go buy them all. You'll be glad you did!


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    1. I think that this collection is perhaps the perfect collection. The Paper is good for M-F. Miss Deep is *all over* Friday and Saturday nights, and Drake is the perfect fun-but-tasteful Sunday Afternoon strolling shade.


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