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China Glaze New Bohemian collection (part 2)

[part 1 is here]

Something this much fun had to continue.  Since I left Swanky Silk out of the skittle/gradient one, I figured it was its turn.  It's so sheer and soft that I had to see how it looked over white instead of black.

Just ok.  Nothing special.  I liked it more on its own.  ...but rather than take it off, I got out another little bit of sponge and started dabbing.

Oh!  Better!  Again, the sponging breaks up the surface, banishes the streaks, and just makes this stuff sing!  ...but...I wanted...more....

Swanky Silk and No Plain Jane go so well together, I had to!  It looks nice just sponged, but again, that texture.  Threw on some NYC Matte Me Crazy, but the results left me a little flat.

Too soft.  Too....pastel.  This needed SHINE!

While doing this, I already knew my next step.  I just got OPI I Brake For Manicures recently and had only done a quick swatch.  The deep rich brown with pink tones is great on its own, but I just *knew* that it would compliment Swanky Silk well.

I'll definitely be doing this one again! I loved it as an accent, but...

I mattify pretty much everything, just to see, but this one really left me flat.

No everything looks good matte, after all.  This needs to be as glossy as possible!  I think this was my favorite look in this whole series...

The saleswoman at Sally Beauty actually grabbed my hand for a better look!  I couldn't stop staring.  I posted a photo of it on Makeupalley's Nail Board, to see if they could guess the polish.  It reminded me of photos I've seen of the new Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve.  Someone guessed that!  I might have to do a side-by-side comparison when my bottle gets here.

Well....that's all for tonight.  There's a third part on its way soon!  I'm going out of this series with a bang!


  1. I'm not sure I like the gold. It's a pretty enough color, but it's not especially...special.

  2. it is very special, my fav of the collection (I've got all six). Swanky Silk is one of those I could look at for days (wearing it now), sometimes its gold, sometimes its taupe, sometimes it has a platinumy glow...but when the sun hits it, it Turns a warm shimmery's awesome.

    1. It is, definitely. It's the most versatile of the collection.


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