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OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest and German-icure By OPI

Best things first...and jumping right into it....

I think I have a new favorite.  No, I'm *sure* I do.  I adore Every Month Is Oktoberfest.  I come close to worshiping it.  It blows my mind.  I had longed for Black Cherry Chutney and its radiant glow, but this just pushes it aside and dazzles like nothing else.  Don't get me wrong, I do still want Black Cherry Chutney...but...THIS...and it goes on like butter...

Every Month Is Oktoberfest is a slightly sheer deep blue/purple with endless maroon/copper shimmer.  It's beyond words.  You NEED this if you ever wear dark, vampy polish.  This is their QUEEN!

German-icure By OPI is also a stunner...

It goes on with only the slightest streaking, so much better than a lot of similar finishes.  It also looks lit from within, like Oktoberfest.  They're both must-haves, as far as I'm concerned.

German-icure is usually a deep copper, but sometimes...

Love it too!

....but it looked familiar.  Really familiar.  I went digging among my older polishes and...yep!  I'd call this a very near-dupe.

Can you even tell which is which?

The index and ring are both Revlon Rocker Chic, a long-gone LE from Fall '05.  Rocker Chic is a little redder, with slightly less shimmer in slightly larger pieces.  Still...very, very close.

...and after the typical swatching and dupe-hunting, I had to play a little.  Very little this time...I did a subtle tape/dot thing over China Glaze Evening Seduction...

I have soooo much brilliantawesomeamazinggorgeouswordscoolpretty new fall polish to show you that I couldn't dilly dally too long with this, no matter how much I love it...but I did sponge it quickly, just to see how much it boosted the shimmer...

....I love this just so soooooo soooooooooooooo much!  It takes the shimmer that already dominates Oktoberfest and just explodes it all over the nail!

...and a little "bonus" photo and review, I do own another of the new OPI Germany shades, Don't Pretzel My Buttons.

I bought it hoping it would be *my* nude.  It's not.  It's very much not.  It's a lovely honey beige that just doesn't look good enough on me to be worn alone.  This could be gorgeous on someone with the right coloring.  It makes a terrific base (I used it here).  The application wasn't as good for me as I usually expect from OPI.  It wasn't awful, but I did need to use Gelous for a very smooth look.

I will probably buy a few more of these shades eventually...but...*curses her budget*...I'll have to wait.


  1. A dupe for every month is Oktoberfest is sinful colors rich in heart. Another similar but not quite a dupe is China glaze heart of Africa.


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