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New Target Exclusive e.l.f. Fall Polishes

Saturday was a good day for polish, but a bad day for the rest of my life.  One of my mother's cats is very sick and I'm really worried about him.  I wandered off and wound up far from home, up near Dorney Park at one point.  I went to three Sally Beauty Supply stores, for their 50% off clearance sale, but didn't find a ton of stuff.  Then I stopped into an Allentown, PA Target on a whim...and I found a new e.l.f. display.  Ten polishes...sadly, nameless.  I bought two, which I call George and Arthur, my first e.l.f. polishes.

George is a deep, vampy purple with fairly visible cobalt and fuchsia shimmer.

A lot of vampy shades completely hide their shimmer, but this shows in most light.  The cobalt shimmers are especially vibrant at times.  Still, I needed to see if sponging helped, especially to bring the fuchsia out a bit more...

There it is!

I really love George, BUT... the brushes on both are horrible.  It's one of those thick, round ones with stiff bristles.  The polish itself doesn't help the application much. Still, they go on (with a little effort) without too much streaking or bare spots and George and Arthur are both strikingly beautiful.

Arthur has a black base with dense color-shifting fleck shimmer...

Sometimes they're blue, sometimes green, and occasionally even a bit of purple....not that you can see it much here.  Because the flecks are so dense, when they shift it changes the nature of the whole polish.

Beyond the brush suckage, the whole cap feels....ok...*is* cheap.  The pattern came off when I touched it with lotion on my hands!?!  ...not that I'm complaining...the snakeskin looks a bit cheesy.  Another downside?  They both STINK.  Hardcore STINK. Still, for $2 each for 0.34oz they're a decent bargain...and pretty!  That's what really matters, right?

The other eight colors just didn't catch me and the display itself is a bit...'s not the most attractive display, even if you're a nail polish fiend.  Along with the ten shades of polish there were also snakeskin pattern nail buffers, eyelash curlers, travel foundation brushes, Beauty Book palettes, and a couple of empty spots for other things.  I'm not sure if this collection has a name or if it's a Target Exclusive, but it seems to be.  I asked on Twitter, but never got a reply.  Meh.

*Polish Update* -  They are Target exclusives and I did wind up going back for one of the other shades! I call this one Stanley. Stanley is a deep, slightly murky green with a borderline-jelly finish and a TON of flashy green shimmer.

It has the same bad brush and 'just ok' formula....that that STINK.  I don't love this color as much, so it's not as forgivable.  It will be a great color for Halloween though!  I'd recommend George and Arthur first, but I'd say that for $2 you might as well get Stanley too, if you're into vampies.

Best wishes for poor Neko...

He's now a shadow of the big gorgeous boy he was here.  We don't know quite what's wrong with him and it's not looking too good at the last update.  That's my bed he's on up there, and I miss seeing him every day.

*Kitty Update* - We visited my family last week and saw Neko.  He's had a steroid shot and seems to be doing better.  Hope he keeps improving and pulls through this!  Poor guy.


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