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China Glaze New Bohemian collection (part 3)

[part 1 and part 2]

Funny how this was gonna be a simple swatch-and-review...I just couldn't stop playing with these beautiful new polishes!

My next step was stamping, but I still suck at that're not gonna see it! :P

Swanky Silk looked so cool over I Brake For Manicures that I just had to see how it looked over a lighter neutral.  I bought OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, from the new Germany collection, hoping it would be my perfect nude.  It completely isn't....but it made ideal undies for Swanky Silk!

I'm not crazy about how it looked mattified, but I *love* how it looked with a high shine top coat!!  That borderline between glitzy and conservative...little more toward the glitz on this one, but Swanky Silk is right in the middle, depending on how it's used.  Love that!

Nichole wanted me to do french braid nail art with them, so I did an accent...

...if only it looked that good in person.  It was tricky and the result looked kinda...lumpy.  The formula is too thin and streaky for stuff like this.  Oh well...I had one last idea...tape!

even the first step looked good!
Sponging and tape work so well together!  I'm gonna have to do that more often!

...and I had to mattify it, of course...

So....the whole review thing that kinda got away from me....

I wish I'd gotten Rare And Radiant too!  These are such astounding beauties that I feel weird not owning the whole collection.  The formula is thin, but it builds well, especially on the darker colors.  The streaking can be an issue, but can be minimized by doing two thin and one thick coats, making sure to dry between them.  They're MINDBLOWING when sponged and lend themselves so well to a variety of nail art, as long as they're not brushed on.  Most look best over black, except Swanky Silk, which is best over nudes or neutrals.  I think I like Deviantly Daring the most for color pop and Swanky Silk is the most versatile.  The duochrome takes a backseat to the chrome, but it's there on all of them if you find the right light.

These are a must-have for anyone who likes bold colors and chrome finishes.


  1. Thats it after reading your post I must go beg some money to go to sally's or ulta and get more polish!

    1. That's the best kind of compliment I can get. :) Thank you.

      I'd vote Sally, since they're cheaper....though they might not have the whole collection in stock. Amazon is also a good place, especially if you want an entire collection.


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