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When I showed the swatches for the AK: Holiday Night Lights collection last week, I left out the best a color from the rainbow: purple. The bottle I got had some issues, which were already known, so I was just waiting for new version to arrive. Y'all. It was worth the wait.

This one is called Nehara. It is a true, perfect violet jelly with super dense hex glitters. I only needed two coats for opacity, and it is still somehow luminous. It glows a lovely green now, as opposed to the violet hinted at previously...but hey, I will take an even green glow over sparse purple.  I love indies. They actually fix the problems when necessary. Some of the big guys could take a lesson.

lights on

lights off
My glowing pictures aren't quite as crisp this time. I didn't have an assistant, so I had to use a timer and hold still for four seconds...ugh. I am a twitchy person, I guess.  Thankfully, the bottle behaved and sat still so we could see the glow.

I feel much better having completed the collection now. It was seriously bugging me having something posted but unfinished. Does that make me overcommited or just weird? Either way...I can relax.


  1. OOooh I love this shade.

    I for one am very glad that you didn't wait to post the collection. I bought Lumina on Cyber Monday. It came yesterday and I love it! I usually steer clear of yellow polish but this one is just right and come on, it glows. It's my favorite yellow by far.

    1. I pushed pretty hard to get this out by Cyberblackfrimonday. I felt awful about not including Nehara originally too. But I wouldn't feel right reviewing/swatching something that wasn't the way the maker intended. I am glad I waited though. Nehara is an amazing purple.

      (don't tell Amanda, but I think the cobalt blue might be my favorite.)


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