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My favorite way to browse r/lacqueristas is from the bottom up.  While a lot of really great nail art rises to the top, redditors needing advice or help stay down where relatively few others will see their post.  I like giving advice...if you haven't noticed already, so it's my favorite part.  One question I see a lot, both there and on the Nail Board, is "Do I need special polish for stamping?"  Nope!  The only stamping polishes I've ever used are Bundle Monster's Creative Art polishes (and more shades), and while they're good there are plenty of "regular" polishes that work just as well or even better.  I decided to make a general guide to what qualities usually mean good stamping potential and a list of shades Nichole and/or I have used in previous stamped manis.

A "regular" polish will usually stamp well if it's a:
  • one-coat cream
  • heavily-pigmented shimmer
  • metallic
  • foil
  • chrome (w/a firm stamper)
  • linear holo
  • duochrome or "ultra chrome"
It's worth trying pretty much any polish, but generally they won't stamp well if they're:
  • watery/thin
  • sheer
  • full of glitter or other large pieces
  • very quick to dry

The following polishes have stamped well for me or for Nichole in the past:

American Apparel:
creams (Peacock)

China Glaze:
New Bohemian (No Plain JaneSwanky Silk)
Liquid Leather

Holographics (When In Chrome)

Color Club:
Halo Hues (Beyond [2], Cherubic, Cosmic Fate)
Antiquated (2)
Sugar Rays

Cult Nails:
Nevermore (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Dance Legend:
Chameleons (Roz [2])

Little Brown Dress (2)

Multi-Chromes (Pigment Of My Imagination, Shade Shifter)

Metallics (Black, Brown [2], MangoPurple)
Military Green

The Temptress' Touch (2)

Enchanted Emerald

Lazy Sundae

Nutcracker Sweet

Electric Chrome (1000 Volts, I'm ElectroSuper Powered)

Bronze Princess

Sally Hansen:
HD line (12)
Insta-Dri line (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)
Butterscotch (2)
Coat Of Arms (2, 3)
Lime Lights
Marine Scene
Platinum Star (2, 3, 4)
Ruby Clarity
Strike A Pose

Sephora by OPI:
Already Famous
Keep Me On My Mistletoes
My Personal Serpent
Under My Trench Coat

Sinful Colors:

Sinful Shine:
Shine Divine

Urban Outfitters:
Holos (Silver)

Wet n Wild:
French White Creme

I think you can tell which are my go-to's for stamping.  Do you have any favorites for stamping?  Feel free to list as many as you want in the comments.


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