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Hope everyone's holidays were as great as mine!  It took me forever to get into the festive spirit, but when it hit me, it really hit me and I had a great time at all of my family celebrations.  I kinda dropped the blogging ball last week as a result.  Oops!  I'm back today with a dose of swatch spam though.  It's mostly the undies from my ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies post, but with a couple of extras thrown in.

OPI (Standing Room Only) Silver is a linear holographic silver.

This was going to be my xmas mani (and my last Xmas Past post), but everything got too crazy busy and I wound up putting it on before our trip to the zoo on Friday.  A family membership to the Philadelphia Zoo was my gift to The Beard, Zeus, Player 4...and myself, and it was Player 4's birthday too.  It worked out perfectly because the weather wasn't too harsh and it was a rare sunny day.  SRO Silver is phenomenal in the sunlight!  Zeus gave me this and the equally beautiful Opening Night Gold for xmas last year and he was happy to see me finally wear it.  Vintage OPI holos are really something special and I needed the right day.  It is pretty sheer though.  This is three coats and I'll be wearing it with undies next time.

Sally Hansen Wet Cement is a soft gray cream.

Another I should have worn ages ago!  The Nail Board raves about it and I can see why.  Such a flattering gray, easy to find, and the formula's good.  This is two coats and it's on the watery side, but easy to work with.

OPI The "It" Color is a vibrant yellow cream.

Aaaahh!!!  Yellow!!  I used to hate it and now I kinda have to have all of them.  The "It" Color is a little more orange in person, without being mustardy.  Bad news on the formula though.  This is FOUR coats.  FOUR!  Yipe.

Misa Dirty Sexy Money is a soft blue-green cream.

I wish Misa was easier to find in stores.  I've only tried a few, bought directly from their site or older shades from the nail supply, but I'm always impressed by the formula.  No exception here.  It's almost a one-coater, thick and creamy, but I did wind up needing a second coat.

OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui is an azure blue cream.

Doing my Stash Spam made me want to wear AOT the OPI untrieds and this was up at the top of that list.  Such a beautiful shade!  Perfect OPI cream formula too, two coats.

Sally Hansen Blue Blood is a deep blue matte crelly.

One coat!  Yay!  Blue Blood is from the same collection as the shard topper Mind Your Manors that I posted a while back.  Target has that collection on clearance so I went back for a few I'd passed up.  It reminds me of Wet n Wild Echo Dark, but I think it's lighter and not as green.  It was gonna be part of a Channukah mani, but that was a complete flop.

So....did you get any polish gifts?  Player 4 gave me Cirque Fascination Street and Dark Horse!


  1. I hate you. Seriously, SRO Silver is one of my huge lemmings! Anyway, it is absolutely fantastic on you!

    1. hehe My boy really spoiled me last year! And thanks!

  2. ne day I'm going to cave and buy both SRO and ONG. They've bben on my wishlist for YEARS. The It Color looks lovely on you. I love yellow polish!

    1. Thanks! They're kinda must-haves for an OPI collector. That whole collection is just so beautiful.

  3. I don't know what it is, but you make me covet blues, Amanda! One time in 2012 I walked out of Walgreens with an entire bag full of blues and greens from Sinful because you had put them on the blog!


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