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Pretty Serious Undercover Mermaid

I am back to sorting through my new purchases! I've whittled it down to under ten, which is an achievement in of itself! I hate having untried polishes lurking around. It makes me feel like more of a hoarder. 

The first one off the list is Undercover Mermaid from Pretty Serious. This is my first polish from them, and I have to admit I am impressed. The formula was thin and smooth, and dried like a champ. I do wish the flakies had been a little more up-front, but its a small thing. 

The color is amazing. Initially, I thought this was going to be a proper gray. I googled swatches, and the overwhelming majority showed a regular, slightly cool, pale gray. Hooray! I am all over gray lately. I can't not buy them (you'll see what I mean soon enough). When this arrived...I was a little miffed. I admit. But then I put it on. It is the perfect purpley gray. Like the sky during a storm, or a bruise. I love it. LOVE. I could take or leave the flakies, honestly.

Then I added a matte coat. (NYC matte) Heavy breathing intensifies. I feel like this is the perfect blend between a palate cleanser, a show-stopper, and a SFW neutral. You just can't go wrong with this color, shiny or matte.

What do you think? Are you in love with this color like I am? I have two more Pretty Serious polishes to try...but I admit that I do not want to take this one off just yet. It is just lovely. Also, please to direct me to some yarn this color?


  1. I lurve it with a matte top coat, that's gorgeous! I need to clean off my nail polish table, it has too many polishes on it, and it makes me feel like a hoarder. Blergh!

    1. I just cleared all the orphan polish much! I didn't even think I had that much out :(


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