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I don't know who you are, but I LOVE you!

Last month I got a bottle of OPI without a label.  I knew it would drive me crazy, but at $2.99 for a wine-ish looking color...I kinda had to buy it.

Sorry for the blurry photos these past few times...I think the lense must need cleaning or something.

Anyway...isn't it pretty?  Isn't it maddening?

It was in a clearance bin, so I didn't even have an idea about its collection.  I did some poking around, then asked on Makeup Alley's nail board (more about that place soon).  I got all kinds of suggestions, but none looked *quite* right.  All were too red, had a shimmer, had the thin brush...something.

Look at it! ...and not at my pre-improvement cleanup and cuticles.  It's so shiny, so deep,

The search for its name seemed to be pointing to William Tell Me About OPI, and on my next Ulta trip I found a bottle in the clearance section.  Motherfuckingbingo!!!  That's exactly what this is...and now I have a backup too!  I wanna wear this forever, with every glitter, flakie, everything.  LOVE!!!  New favorite color...or new favorite cream at doubt.

...but I can't leave amazing alone.  It needed something extra...  I'd tried Sally Hansen Glass Slipper before (bottom of loooong post) and I wasn't wowed, but I *had to* see what it looked like with William Tell.

Amazing!  It has this delicate sparkle along with the flakes.  I didn't see it last time against the glitter clusterfuck that was my evolving nail.  I love this now.  It's so different.  I stand by my "fake snow" comment though.

After that (weeks after, but who's counting?) I had to see it with a more standard flakie.  I got Essie Shine Of The Times at Rite Aid with a $2-off coupon, but I didn't full-on wear it until Friday.  It's a lot like the Finger Paints flakies.  I want to do a whole big post just about flakies sometime...I'm so obsessed!

Figures it didn't get sunny until today...when I'd already thrown NYC Matte Me Crazy over it...

I think I might even love it a little more this way.  Tough call.  The shine is mesmerizing, but with the matte you see each color in the shift more clearly.

Brace yourself for SPAM!  Shine Of The Times deserves all the angles there are.

(now with bonus tomatoes!)

You still here?  Wow.  You're tenacious.  My cleanup and cuticles still aren't there yet, but they're really improving, aren't they?


  1. I fucking love Shine of the Times. It is my favorite nailpolish ever. I put it on any/everything.

  2. Did you matte it yet? Soooooooooooooo cool. It's like it gets it to make up its mind about what color it is at different angles.

  3. This is still sitting in my untrieds, but I think it'll be my first fall mani--and layered with SOtT it really does look like fall leaves! Pretty swatches, sweets.


  4. I love it over neon red. Also, on white with a matte coat! I will put it on everything.

  5. Thanks, Nicole! :) ....that could get confusing. lol

    William Tell is just soooo awesome. It's a little tough to get a photo that really shows how deep and shiny it is. It's really stunning. I should really wear it on its own sometime, for more than a few deserves it.


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