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More Summer Makeup

This is similar to my first post about summer makeup, but now that it really *is* summer here, it seemed right.  I used mostly e.l.f. again too, so this really feels like a rerun.  One major difference...I went back to the Covergirl CG Smoothers tinted moisturizer I was trying to replace.  I use 805 Fair to Light, one of their pathetic offering of three shades.  It covers just a little better than the e.l.f. and since my rosacea triangles are at their summer reddest, I need all the light coverage I can get!  It smells like a whiff of a clean diaper...making me miss the fruity smell of the e.l.f. one.  It feels a lot nicer though, and you quickly forget it's even there.  With my rosacea as obvious as it was, I also threw on a quick dusting of CG Smoothers pressed powder in 705 Translucent Fair.

I did my eyes with a quick tightlining with a black liner, then a sweep of e.l.f. eyelid primer in Sheer, and the lighter shade in the e.l.f. Coffee & Cream Duo Eye Shadow Cream.  I dabbed a little e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip in Citrus on my cheeks and the inner corners of my eyes.  I really love this stuff, in all the shades I've tried.  I'd call it a must-have.  My lips got just a little coating of the Golden Glitz shade of e.l.f.'s Glitter Gloss.  It looks like a light, tawny gold in the tube, but goes on very sheer, enhancing the color of your natural lip.  It looks very pink on me.  Overall, this wore well on me despite a long day on a grocery shopping adventure in Lancaster County.  The gloss vanished as quickly as they all do, but my rosacea was still fairly well concealed when I got home hours later.

This look was more than the previous amazing $5.  The CG Smoothers tinted moisturizer is $6.50-8.50, depending on where you shop.  I paid $6.70 for it at  It's more than three times as much product as the e.l.f., but at over 6 times the price.  I've had the CG Smoothers pressed powder forever and need a new one.  It's also in the $6.50-8.50 range.  I used a 99c Wet n Wild black eyeliner because my "good one" (I forget the brand) is missing.  Grrr!  e.l.f. products are almost always a great bargain.  The Glitter Gloss is $3 and the Eyelid Primer, Duo Eye Shadow Cream, and Shimmering Facial Whip are all $1 each.  Great quality, especially for the low price...which, of course, goes for most of their products.

I also used a brush this time.  Last time I just used fingers.  As great as e.l.f. is for cosmetics, they might be even better for brushes.  I've had this mini face brush for years and it still doesn't shed, washes like a champ, and works as well as more expensive brushes I've had.

Coming soon; tons of nail stuff...when I get around to it.  I'm also fighting a cuticle war...and just starting to win!


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