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Not everyone should make tutorials...

So, I spend an inordinate amount of time on a certain website. There is a group of ladies and gentlemen on there that share my enthusiasm for all things make-up. I saw a post about this video tutorial last night. I, as was everyone else who commented, was flabbergasted. How on earth this woman fancied herself a professional make-up artist is beyond me. Maybe this "scene" stuff just wasn't her forte. I mean, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I can barely handle liquid liner that isn't in felt-tipped pen form. Maybe she was just practising?

 Still--this video is bad. The make-up is sloppy. I watched it hoping that it was some sort of parody. I still think it might have been...though admittedly, I am too old to know the whole "scene" thing.

After watching this video, I declared that my five year old could do at least as good a job at "scene" make-up.  So I sat down with Charlie and we watched the video...and I gave her a brush and a cheapie ELF palette. This is what happened.

I look tired...aside from the epic blue shadow.
the "scene" look as told by a five-year-old.

 I think she did a pretty good job. My palette didn't have any orange, which she was kind-of annoyed about, but she made do...with more blue. And black.
She was happy with the final product.

And the arteest. She was pretty proud.  She told me she thinks she did a better job than the lady in the video. I kind-of agree.


  1. BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!! You look like my sister did when my grandmother (the nine-fingered one I wrote about) sent ten(?)-year-old me a big bag of old makeup. It could have been called "chimney sweep chic".

    And yeah, your kid is better at it than some grown women who wander around. the fuck is she five already?

  2. LOL, yeah, she did an awesome job. And I'm not sure how she is five. I'm pretty sure we hit some sort of time warp somewhere.

  3. Wow... what an atrocious video...

  4. So many points for being awesome and making me laugh hard enough to spit coffee on myself. hahaha She did SUCH a great job :D

  5. Haha, thanks! I'm thinking about making this a regular thing. Find awful tutorial videos (or maybe not awful, just wild) and letting the short person do a version of it.

  6. Replies
    1. thank you! All the credit goes to my awesome make-up artist.

  7. That video made me giggle. "Don't worry about fallout, just pack it on there." Oh, my. Your daughter didn't do bad for a little one, though. My niece did my eyes the other day for fun and it somehow ended up in my hairline o.0


    1. haha, well, at first there was a LOT on my cheeks. But we decided that I should clean that up, since in the video there wasn't very much on the cheeks.


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