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It's Like My Nails Are On Fire...But In A Good Way

My awesome new Makeupalley buddy, Nicole (that could get confusing), sent me a packet of pure polish awesomeness and I was (am!) gonna do a post about that..but this is too amazing to wait.

Barielle Elle's Spell jumped instantly into my all-time top 10 polishes.  It's as breathtaking on the nail as it is in the bottle.  It's a deep red jelly packed full of iridescent flake glitter.  The glitter itself is a lot like Essie Shine Of The Times, but because it's *in* the jelly base it has a depth to it.  The "jelly sandwich" technique approximates it, but it can't quite do what this does.  It's fiery, glowing, and I can't stop staring at it. (Layered over Orly Grave Mistake.)  Words and photos don't begin to do it justice...

This *MUST* be owned by anyone who loves reds and is absolutely perfect for fall. that it's July.


  1. this is verrah pretty on you! So glad it went to a good home :)


  2. Me too. ;) LOL I really REALLY love this stuff! Thank you agaaaaain! I'll be writing about the whole awesome ROAK....soon. Shit's been a little chaotic here. :\ Stupid life, getting in the way of my interneting.


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