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My first trip to Ulta!

In my neck of the woods, cosmetics and nail product pickings are pretty thin. We have the regular drugstores...and we have Sally's. Not the greatest selection. There is a Sephora about 25 miles away (I think) but I try to avoid that shopping center at all costs.

Recently, things have changed! We were making an emergency run for milkshakes (what, it was an emergency) and I noticed a shiny new store going in to the old Borders store front. (I think that Borders was our last big chain bookstore in the county. Too bad.) IT WAS ULTA! Holy shit, I was stoked. Finally! Somewhere to check out and buy brands like Zoya and Butter London! A friend heard through the grapevine that it was opening on August 3. I was resigned to wait patiently, though I did rush to the website to sign up for their rewards program, since I do love a good coupon. Then, come to find out, there was going to be a soft opening...and it was already happening!! And everyone got a 20% coupon! Now, in the interests of full disclosure, I had been to an Ulta in North Carolina. So this wasn't really my first trip, but that time I spent maybe 10 minutes in the store and then I wasn't as into nail polish or make-up as much as I am now.

sorry for the shitty cell phone picture...I just couldn't wait!
So this afternoon, we packed up the kids and made the loooong two mile trek (did I mention this store is two miles away? I think this might be dangerous) to the new Ulta. I wish I had taken pictures! Aisles of make-up, polish, cosmetics! Brands I had only had access to on Amazon, right in front of me! I ended up (after wandering around for 25 minutes) with the OPI mini Spider-man set, some shiny holo glitter from NYX, and my old stand-by: Sally Hansen's Double Duty. After my coupon, I spent less than $20.

I forsee a long, loving relationship with this store. Not only do they have some awesome polishes, but they also carry nearly everything I use on my face. So I will definitely try to make this a monthly trip. Hooray Ulta!


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