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China Glaze Angel Wings, Glistening Snow, and Merry Berry

Over a week without a post from either of us! Eeek!  Holidays will do that...  Hope those who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving!

Jumping right back into the holiday polish swatches, I have three festive new shades from China Glaze to show you today.  China Glaze's Holiday Joy collection is one of the most glittering of the big brands' offerings this year.  Of twelve shades, seven are glitters!  I chose two of the glitters and a deep berry cream, but (and I feel like I say this a lot) I may go back for others.

Glistening Snow is a silver and holographic full-coverage microglitter in a clear base.

Glistening Snow's silver is very gray.  I think it would flatter cool-toned hands more than it does mine.  My partner glanced at it and said "oh...glitter cement!"  I do like it, but I know what he means.  It's not the most flattering silver for me, especially in normal indoor light when the holo doesn't sparkle as much.

The formula is thick, but it applies well and is opaque at 2-3 coats.  It dries gritty and almost matte and takes a lot of top coat to smooth out.  I used a coat of NYC Grand Central Station, a coat of Gelous, and another coat of Grand Central Station and it still wasn't completely smooth.  I like its pre-topcoat look enough to maybe wear it like that sometime.  I know some people dream of a matte holo.  This might be the closest thing possible.

Angel Wings is the gold sister to Glistening Snow.  I kept an accent nail of Glistening Snow for these photos.

The gold tone of Angel Wings is very warm, even brassy.  On me it almost looks a bit green in some light.  I think this is also probably better for cool tones.  The formula is identical to Glistening Snow.  This also took a lot of top coat to smooth out.  The holo glitter plays with the light prettily, but I like the effect more in Glistening Snow.

Merry Berry is a classic deep berry cream.

I saved the best for last.  It really is perfect.  The formula is amazing, beyond even China Glaze's usual great cream formulas.  It was a joy to apply.  It is a little on the sheer side.  At three coats I swore I could still see hints of my nail line...but maybe I'm just nuts.

In the glistening spirit of the holiday season, I had to add some sparkle to Merry Berry.  I love it on its own, but...

two coats of White Cap on index, one on others
I think White Cap (from Anchors Away) is a great festive touch. White Cap is a must-have shade if you love layering.

My thoughts on these three new shades?  I completely adore Merry Berry.  If you love berry shades, China Glaze creams, and especially if you have a skin-tone similar to mine, you NEED Merry Berry.  I like Glistening Snow.  It's 'thirsty' and not the best color for me, but it's very pretty and I can absolutely see myself using it for accent nails and nail art.  I'm really on the fence about Angel Wings.  In some lights it does very odd things when I wear it.  I don't think we get along too well.  Despite that (and the grittiness), I'll probably use it for nail art sometime.

I've still got a lot of sparkling holiday stuff on my swatchlist.  See you next time!


  1. Oooh, I just picked up Glistening Snow yesterday, I can't wait to try it! Merry Berry looks really nice! Thanks for sharing some swatches :)

    1. Glad you liked them. :) I want to love Glistening Snow, but I only like it. I hope it looks great on you!

  2. Replies
    1. I wanted to...*sigh*. I might get Champagne Kisses and see if that's more flattering...and it kinda makes me regret not buying I Herd That and I'm Not Lion, since they're along the same lines but less yellow.


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