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Fun with Tape!

forgive the blur. I think my poor camera is on her last legs.

Can you believe I've never tried this before? I've used tape, but never to do the tri-angle thing. How weird is that? I figured I had better try it at least once. It's ok. I might keep it in my arsenal for the days when I want to use ALL THE COLORS. 

Colors Used:
Wet'n'Wild I Need a Refresh-mint
Sinful Colors Dream on
Color Club Status Update

The WnW color was so gloopy. Maybe I got a bad bottle? I was sorely disappointed. It's a really pretty color though, more blue than the Fingerpaints Tiffany-blue I have. I can't get over what a chameleon Dream On is. It was downright purple in person. I really do love that color. Neon + fuchsia = true love. And the Color Club was from my September Birchbox, I think. It might be my favorite gray ever.


  1. I think this might be my favorite thing you've ever done!

  2. Wow that purple is so nice! I love the colour combo. Somewhere between cold tones and warm tones... nicely done!

    1. thanks! Going over the WnW color, it turned out totally different.

  3. Love this! I haven't tried a patchwork mani before either!


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