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Lou-boooo-tin Nails

Halloween's over...unless you live in New Jersey, were the governor has decided it's Monday.  My post today is the leftover goodies that I didn't get to show you because of Hurricane Sandy.  Think of it as the clearance candy bin or those few Sugar Daddy pops left in your candy bowl.

Back in maybe August...July?...Nichole and I were chatting and she mentioned the 'lubu' mani (please don't sue us, mister shoe guy...I didn't use your name!), which eventually inspired her to paint her shoes.  I wanted to do one for Halloween, but I didn't really know what colors to use until her Maleficient-inspired water marble.  She queues them...and sometimes I peek.  You could almost call this Maleficient-inspired-inspired...

Once I swatched Revlon Wicked Star, I knew I'd found my green!  The peachy gold shift reminded me of China Glaze No Plain Jane.  They contrast until they suddenly match!

I grew my nails out for this mani...and I just couldn't get it to work.  So many tries, so many failures.  I had issues with bubbling (the colder weather seems to have created a draft in the office that makes some cream finishes bubble)...then drying issues...and then peeling problems...then...ARRRGGGGHHH!!!  But I had to make it work.  I HAD TO!!!  I grew my nails out so I could do this...

The undersides glowed (Fantasy Makers Go With The Glow), but my camera just WOULD NOT show it, no matter what I tried.

Wicked Star worked its magic and made this mani one of my favorites, and worth the hell I went through in the week it took me to FINALLY get it to work.

...pretend you don't see that dent, please...
Bonus silliness....after the first couple steps they looked like eggplants!

....but once the photos were taken, I was so so soooooooo happy to do this...

Not drastically shorter, but oh so much more comfortable...and no damn teabag patches!  I'm happy that it kept my nails together so I could do this, but...that was excessive! Never again!

I have to take a moment to say how great Finger Paints Black Expressionism is.  Best black polish I've ever used...and I've tried sooooooo many!  One coat (yes, really) for complete opacity and really shiny even without top coat!  Love love love love looooove it!!  So happy that the bubbling wasn't its fault!

...I have one final Halloween post tomorrow...thanks again, Sandy...and I hope everyone's ok!


  1. adorable nail art :) i think im gonna try it, thx for the inspiration :)


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