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L'Oréal Drop Dead Gorgeous

Just one polish to show you today, a straggler from  L'Oréal's Diamond Collection.  I reviewed Sparklicious and The Bigger, The Better three weeks ago.  Since then, every time I'd walk past a Diamond Collection display, I'd pick up Drop Dead Gorgeous and inspect it.  Eventually I had a coupon while there was a sale, so I picked it up for a very good price...and I'm glad I did.

Drop Dead Gorgeous is black, packed with delicate blue and purple shimmer.

LED light
It's a much more subtle look than the glitters I'd reviewed from this collection, but it's got enough sparkle to still be darkly festive.  The formula was good, a little thick, but not difficult to apply.  I think I used two coats.  The shimmer doesn't vanish in lower light either!

florescent office lighting
It's great if you like variations on classic black...and I do!

I'll be honest here, I bought it partly to see how it compared to one of the Essence Breaking Dawn pt2 shades, but it wound up being quite different...and MUCH easier to apply.  Those shades are my next post.  See you then!


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