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L'Oréal The Bigger, The Better

I'm one of those people who grumps about xmas stuff starting too early...unless it's cosmetics.  When I saw this on September 22nd, I wasn't complaining!  I love all of the glitter, jewel-tones, and RED that xmas brings to...well...everything!  L'Oréal's Diamond Collection was my first holiday sighting this year, and so early.

I literally did a double-take when I saw this though...

The Bigger, The Better instantly reminded me of The Queen's Ambition.  "Reminded" is too soft a word...they looked almost the same at first.

They're *completely* different on the nail.  The Bigger, The Better is a bold mix of black and silver glitter and microglitter.

I wore it over L'Oréal Notting Hill Blues, a gorgeous blue with a soft shimmer.  This is just one thin coat of The Bigger, The Better!!  Wow!  It's dense enough that you could wear it on its own in a few coats, I'm sure!  It applied really evenly too, impressive for such a dense glitter mix.  It dries a little gritty, but a coat of Gelous and my usual topcoat were enough to completely smooth it out.

They're both just so stunning!  I'd tested The Bigger, The Better over a few other polishes, but it stands out best over this bold, bright blue.  The tiny black microglitter is so cool, and the less-dense silver keeps it from looking flat.  I adore the contrast!

...and then...*swoon*....I mattified it!

The matte top coat turns the tables, bringing the silver out over the black.

It's a completely different look this way, silver glitter with a smoky versatile!

...ok...I gushed a bit here.  Sparklicious was going to be part of this post too...oh time!


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