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Pedal to the Metal

As previously stated, I love sparkly things. Especially sparkly nail polishes. I was wandering through the local Walmart a few weeks ago (looking for birthday party supplies) and I spotted Maybelline's Pedal to the Metal in the cosmetics section.

One coat. Even after three, it still looked about the same.
I have been on the look out for a glittery, shiny metallic for ages. Most seem to be too...flat for my tastes. This one is definitely not flat. Its awesomely shine-packed and reminds me of mercury. My only reservation about this stuff: it's thin. Three coats, and I could still see my nail through it. Damn.

Enter Greycian Goddess by L'Oreal. I really like this color. It's a medium-dark creamy grey. Two coats of this stuff gives pretty solid coverage. I have this weird hatred of any polish that requires more than two coats. It could be the most fabulous color ever, but if it takes three coats I'm out. L'Oreal's new polish line has some awesome colors, but their formulas and brushes leave a LOT to be desired. The brushes are super narrow, and some of the colors aren't as opaque as I'd like.
One coat of Greycian Goddess
But I digress. Greycian Goddess makes a great "primer" coat for Pedal to the Metal! It's close enough that it doesn't change the overall color, but still gives Pedal to the Metal the opacity it needs. 
Three coats of Pedal to the Metal+a coat of Seche Vite. And my bedspread!


  1. It's funny...I was taking pictures of my 'collection' today and I have waaaay too many metallics. I have a stupidhuge amount of polish in general, but I have like 6 silver metallics and chromes.

  2. This is only my second silver, and it's completely different from the other one. I tinkered around with a matte coat on this, but it looked like ass.


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