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Wet n Wild - Be Jeweled The Crown Is Mine

Let's have a little talk about Be Jeweled...

When a brush is too plush, you can call it a mop.

And when you use it, it will go plop, making it a ploppy mop.

And when you plop with a mop, you can make a slop.  Then you have a sloppy, ploppy mop.

And when your polish has glitter and shimmer, it can get you have a gloppy, sloppy, ploppy mop.

And that glop can weigh it down and make it flop, giving you a floppy, gloppy, sloppy, ploppy mop.

So.... does this pop?  Is it a flop?  Ok...I'll stop.

This is Wet n Wild ColorIcon Be Jeweled in The Crown Is Mine, over OPI Siberian Nights (not that you can tell).  I'm on the fence about this stuff...figures, since I have four of the colors.  I got a compliment on it, which was cool, but I wish it had a better brush so I could control the application instead of slathering.  When a brush is bad enough to make me go all Dr-Seuss-y, but you know it's really awful.  I might try these with a different brush.  The concept is great, they're heavy shimmer frosts with a serious dose of glitter...the brush is just such a pain in the ass!  I want to like them, but....dunno. Have some more photos and see if you can muster an opinion...


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