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'Spoiling' My Sister

I posted photos of that hinted-at haul (really...I will post about it soon) on FB when I got home that day and my sister liked a few of them.  The price was so low that I couldn't help but treat her to the three she one I didn't buy for myself.  Too green for my sallow tones, but she's rosier.

The little whale gift tote thing (kinda combo tote/box/bag) is from Target's little dollar store section at the front.  I bought it for her the day I bought my stuffs and it was just too perfect with these blues.  It's good timing too, since she's an art student but she's off for summer so she has a chance to do her nails again. I 'hid' a bottle of SH Crackle Overcoat Antique Gold there too.  I snuck in yesterday morning (hope I didn't wake her up), put this on some books on the dining room table in the same setup as the photo (with the crackle laying flat in the tote), used the can (timing, ugh), and petted 'my' cat (Cobweb...I named her, but she stayed when I moved out...she's still 'my fuzz'), then left to run errands...and buy more polish.  I kinda liked the idea of leaving it there for her to discover (she'd probably been waiting for it since I showed it to her on FB a few days ago) instead of presenting it to her.  She's already tried them all!

I've only worn Spectrum and tried Laser on one nail.  They're a lot sheerer than I expected, but that's the good kind of surprise.  I can layer them to look like they do in the bottle (5-ish layers...erg) or use them as a glitter coat for other colors.  I love multi-function I did the predictable thing and went out and bought the magenta, pink (...possibly the only time you'll ever read that in my posts without an association with the word "hate"), and the teal I originally thought was wrong for my coloring.  The teal is more of a shimmer than a glitter, but it also layers well.  I liked these when I bought them, but I love them now that I've tried them out.  Nichole and I are such damn cheerleaders for this brand, aren't we?


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