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Ugh...another makeup blog? Really?

Yeah. Sorry about that. We'll try to keep it at least a little novel though. Knowing us it'll probably mostly be nail polish, but anything that's girly ( girly as we get) could wind up here.
So who's this "we?" I'm Amanda and blogging here with me will be Nichole. In brief, we're loooong-term internet friends (we think we met in March or April '01, based on the ages of my mother's cats and Nichole thinking she was newly-ish 21 around then, but we're not really sure) who've never met in person or even been to each other's home states, I think. I know I've never been to California. We met in a Sims forum. The Sims, as in the first one. We're old. Our styles are overlapping, but far from the same. We'll both be doing larger intro posts about ourselves, so this should do for now.
The name is a Venture Bros. reference, from the pilot. Are Nichole and I pretty? Your call. We make no claims in either least I don't.
I plan on posting about new stuff I buy *and* old stuff I already have. I have some horrifically old makeup and will be documenting my long-overdue purge attempts. I also want to show off my stupidly, extravagantly large new closet at some point. I could make carpet angels. It's that big.
Not sure what Nichole will be posting about within the overall theme...again, probably mostly nail polish....but she'll fill us in in her own time. we go then...


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