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Finger Paints - Twisted (flakie) - Swatches & mini Review

This was a find...$3.29 at Sally!  It's on eBay for upwards of $15.  That's not why I bought it, but it does make a good find feel even better.  I thought I was satisfying my lust for flakies.  I should have known better.  Now I want MORE!!!

I spent a few days trying to decide what base to use, but wound up going 'traditional'  I used the same old Maybelline I usually use as a black base.  Serious spam...I took so many photos and still couldn't really do this flakie any kind of justice.  At some angles the flashes are blue/green, but it's predominately yellowy-gold/orange.  There's also teeny-tiny glitter and the range of flake sizes is crazy.  It reminds me, and I know this sounds silly, of being a little kid at xmas, turning the dining room and living room lights off and unfocusing my eyes to blur the lights on the tree.

(UGH...bare spot!!!  How did I miss that?)

(obligatory blur)

I was ready to grouch about this stuff chipping almost right away (on the left edge of my index)...but it turns out the nail broke.  Meh.  I needed to trim them soon anyway.  This is about as long as I let them get.

This stuff is HARD to remove.  Even with the Target brush tub, the flakes take a ton of scrubbing.

I wouldn't pay $15 for it (for that price I could probably get one of the NFU Oh's...and come contest), but I'm really thrilled about this stuff.  I need more plain creams to put this over...hmm...

I still feel like crap, so my Thursday adventure post will have to keep waiting.


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