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Sally Hansen, will you marry me?

Sally Hansen was the first "nice" brand of polish I ever bought. Before that, I was all about Wet'n'Wild. I was amazed and astounded by the perfection of the Sally Hansen polishes and nail care products. I still use "Double Duty" as my base coat, even though my schoolgirl crush has faded.

three coats+Essie's Good to Go Fast Dry Top Coat
I've been on the search for a good nude polish. It's hard to find a cream formula that matches my skin tone. Everyone I have tried is either too dark, too yellow, or too sheer. One lovely afternoon, I happened upon Sally Hansen's Smooth and Perfect in Dune. It's a little pearly and a little sheer. But it really lives up to it's name. It goes on smoother and perfecter (what, it's a word) than nearly any other pearl polish I have tried. In the pictures, I did three coats (I know, I know...I broke my own rule.) and I'm pretty happy with the opacity.

...and then I got bored. I used some Sinful Colors neon polish to make stripes, and Essie's Licorice to make dots. I got a set of dotting tools last week and I'm a little obsessed.


  1. That's pretty...but it'd probably give me corpse fingers. Double Duty is my go-to mentioned in the gold crackle post.

  2. Fuck...that's Dune. That's the one I was gonna try.

  3. try it anyway. The formula is really nice.

  4. None of the colors seem right. Linen seems too pink to be a nude on me (probably perfect for my sister) and dune is probably too dark, which as a nude would bleach me. Dirty word for the others...pastel. Fuck pastel. Maybe I'll try linen or fog some day if I see them for super cheap. I'm such a clearance whore you can't even imagine.

  5. Hahaha. I have usually passed these by because they are so pastel. I'm going to order Julep's Pippa from sephora as a birthday gift to myself, so we'll see if that one is better.

  6. Not a fan of nude creams. I like shimmers or sheers if it's a nude....not that I really ever wear one. My "nude" is a shimmery light gold. OPI makes (made?) it...but I have two and I forget which is the one I love and which I just really like. lol


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