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Glitter and Fade

Ever have those manicures that just sorta create themselves? You're sitting there, with tools and supplies around you, and just start doing...with no clear idea of what you want your final product to look like. This is what happens when I leave a bunch of polish out. I just start throwing things together. Sometimes it works...

And sometimes it doesn't. That is probably 87% of the reason we have a "fail nail" tag on the blog. Shit happens sometimes. Things don't work out like you hoped. Thankfully, this one turned out better than I could have hoped for. I had intended to do haphazard taping, but decided to test out one nail with parallel tape strips. I am glad I did.

Colors Used:
NYC Sidewalkers
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Octopus Party Rake It or Leave It
(nyc matte top coat)

My current lighting/lightbox combo has issues with glitter. I think I need to rebuild my lightbox. But until that time, there is always matte top coat. I think that it really makes a huge difference for this particular manicure. It takes it from "gaudy box-store halloween tutu" to something slightly more refined...especially when looking at it at extreme angles. All you get is the glitter, but no gloss. Who doesn't love matte glitter, anyway? It's practically a staple of this blog!

I feel like this manicure is straight-up Halloween. There is nothing that could be misconstrued as simply "Fall" here. What do you think? Do you prefer Halloween-Halloween, or Fall-o-ween? I honestly can't choose.


  1. I've never thought of doing striped glitter. Great inspiration!

    1. oh you have to try it. A tone-on-tone manicure w/ glitter can be fabulous and understated...especially with a simple stripe or two of glitter.


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