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Use It or Lose It: Week Three

Three weeks gone now, and my face is angry with me still from that Nourish Organic face wash. I decided to try and finish up some things that had been sitting out on my counters and in my shower this week. Mostly to let me feel like I am actually making some progress here. The hoard is so big, that I really haven't made much of a dent. 

Suave Keratin Infusion Shampoo
Very budget friendly. At first: awesome. Last few washes, notsomuch. My hair felt dry and was limp and my scalp was itchy. I felt the need to wash my hair daily, which is not normal. It smells nice though. Plus, it stripped my color a bunch.
rating: 3/10

Suave Keratin Infusion Conditioner
Similar to the shampoo. At first: awesome...then things went downhill. It made my scalp dry, but my hair feel gunky. I tried to co-wash with this once, and it foamed. Conditioner shouldn't foam.
rating: 3/10

Gucci Envy Me Eau de Parfum
This is actually the second bottle I've finished. Its fresh and bright, floral without being cloying. A great everyday sort of scent. I have temporarily moved on to Armani Acqua di Gioia. It is similar, but less floral.
rating: 10/10

Cetaphil Lotion
Best thing since best things were invented. Heals my itchy spots and soothes the dry skin created by my demon shower. It also helps after all the weirdness I've done to my face lately. A wee bit greasy for face use, but not a deal-breaker. Should be a staple.
rating: 10/10

C.Booth Peppermint Foot Lotion
Meh. Smells like peppermint and plastic. I don't think it's available anymore, and I see why. It does an ok job of moisturizing. I like the "apothecary" style, but that is about it. The whole thing feels cheap.
rating: 2/10

I think this next week is going to be a recovery week for my face, at the very least. I might also be posting more products that I am finishing, just to give me a break from the whole "am I going to die?" status. What I need to do is get on my the tons of makeup I have...but I don't wanna. Maybe once I don't have a box full of bath & body stuff hogging valuable real estate in my closet and under my sink...maybe then I will have the nerve to thin the pretties.

How did you do this week? Did you rediscover some long-forgotten gems? Or did you spend this week trying to fix what you broke last week, like I did? If you want to play along, gimme a link and I will throw it up here. The more moral support, the better!

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  1. You should finish up your shampoo by using it as a brush cleanser and the conditioner as shaving cream!

    1. I totally would...except I still have 3 different cans/tubes of shave cream/lotion, and 4 bottles of brush cleansers. :/ I really am a hoarder.

  2. Suave usually really impresses me, but the newer ones in the gold bottles, just isn't cutting it for me. I'll explain in my use it or loose it.

    Suave Moroccan Argon oil shine shampoo. Not as mosturizing as I wanted it to be. Did add shine, but overall.. meh. glad Cranky Pants likes it. May repurchase it for her, but not for me.

    Suave Moroccan Argon oil shine conditioner. Not rich enough for me, did a decent job, overall a meh for me. Like the shampoo, will repurchase for Little Miss Cranky Pants, not for me.

    Udderly Smooth Hand Cream. I really like this. Sinks in quickly, but will need a heavier one in colder months. Thankfully I bought a small size. This I will keep, and repurchase.

    St Ive's Norishing Coconut Milk body wash. Nice and sudsy, moisturizes my skin, a good product. Little Miss Cranky Pants liked it as well. Only downfall.. I wanted to use something else by the end of the bottle. (cuz I am a girl, and I roll that way LOL) Have a back up and will repurchase

    St Ive's Norishing coconut milk lotion. I really like this! Sinks in quickly, smells nice and really does the job. I will keep this and finish this up.

    Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich body lotion 2.7 oz size. I really liked this a lot. Loved the scent, works great for my skin. I didn't share with Little Miss Cranky Pants, and am looking forward to my other one. I would seriously consider buying the full size at full price.

    John Frieda Frizz-Ease Daily Nourishment leave in conditioning spray. It was okay, but glad it is gone.

    Nichole, I really like this series. Use it or loose it is so much easier then using up and hating every single minute! Thankfully I have several things that are half way done to really put through the test. It will be interesting to see what I do with full size products.

    1. I remember Suave being pretty decent in general. Now I am wondering what has happened to them.

      I knew I wasn't the only person who didn't want to suffer through an entire bottle of product just to find that it sucks terribly. And I am VERY glad you are playing along!

  3. D: How even do I start doing this challenge? I'm too attached to my stuffs and things.

    1. Grab something you havent used in a while. Give it a week of use. You'll realize that you either a) adore it or b) hate it. Then its easier to toss!


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