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The Best Black Lipstick?

 purchased by me 

I forget exactly how I stumbled upon Portland Black Lipstick Co., but my jaw dropped once I did. I bought a bunch of samples and there are more swatches on the way soon.  Today I'm addressing the bold claim that they make, that theirs is "The best ever!"  Tests needed to be done, so I gathered up a couple of competitors.

First up is one we've both swatched before...

NYX Chambord

This is the one to beat.  Nichole and I were both very impressed by all of the Macaron Lippies in general.  Chambord is glossy and well-pigmented.  It doesn't stick to the inner curve of my lips well, but that's a problem for me with most lipsticks that don't feel like death.

Going for a bargain with the next one...

Wet n Wild Pagan Angel

Back in the day, Wet n Wild was THE black lipstick for a lot of us.  It was a waxy, blotchy mess.  They've come a long, long way since then.  Pagan Angel leaves a lot to be desired, but it looks better in person.  Sure, it's sheerish, but it's not sticky or waxy.  It also costs around $3 and is available year-round as part of the Fergie line.  (Only in stores with a large display.)

Now the moment of truth...

Portland Black Lipstick Co. Black

BLACK!!  Wow!  Feels great, applies easily, and has excellent color payoff.  It's not an idle boast.  I can't really proclaim it the best, because I've only tried maybe ten ever...but it's got a strong claim as probably the best of those.  It needs liner though, or this happens...and almost right away.

The side-by-side says it all...

Chambord, Pagan Angel, Black

Bottom line: My recommendation here depends on what you're looking for.  If you're going to a Halloween party and will probably never wear black lipstick again, get Pagan Angel.  If you actually wear black lipstick, go with Black.  Chambord shouldn't be overlooked either, since it's half the price of Black and glossier.  All three really need liner, and all look more even/less patchy in person.

Do you wear black lipstick?  Is there another I should try?

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. I wear black lipstick a few times a month. I am considering getting some of the Portland Black Lipstick samples, since they have fun colors. My personal favorite black is Pretty Zombies Black Cat since it's a liquid to matte formula. The downside would be the companies communication with clients, but the product is great.

  2. Life's Entropy has a black Lip Theory that is supposed to be pretty amazing.

  3. Portland Black Lipstick Co. Black seems to be the most opaque.


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