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Wet n Wild Halloween '14 - My Polish Picks

 purchased by me 

Yesterday Nichole was grumping about not being able to find many of the Halloween displays this year.  Sadly, she's not missing much.  Halloween is our favorite holiday, and can inspire some serious awesomeness in polish.  This year it kinda...mostly hasn't.  There are definitely a few exceptions, but in a season that should see some of the weirdest, wildest polish the big brands aren't pushing any boundaries this time around.  What's worse, some are just slapping new names on old polishes.  Like these...

Happy Hour Hop has a ton of gold fleck shimmer in a purple jelly base.

Gorgeous, right?  Trouble is that it's just Spoiled Are Mermaids Real in a different bottle.  On one level, I kinda expect this from Wet n Wild because they do it so often.  On another, they can do so much better!  On a freakish third hand, I'm peeved.  I feel like they should have either just released that collection for a third time or actually made some new stuff.  This is lazy and irritating.  I bought a polish that I already have!  The only thing I can really say in their defense is that the Spoiled line is exclusive to CVS and this collection is a Walgreens exclusive.  Meh.  As for the polish itself, this is three coats with a decent formula.

I'd actually heard that they were dupes, so I compared them.  Dupes are one thing...but this is straight-up rebottling.

Are Mermaids Real on ring

The good thing is that the Megalast brush is better than the Spoiled one.  I think Mermaids is headed for my frankening box.

Roadwork is a blackened silver foil.

Spoiled Black Mamba in another bottle.  At least I don't own that one.  I'm kinda surprised that I don't.  It's pretty.  It's also nearly a one-coater.  I had to use two, but one should be enough on shorter nails.

Bottom line: Both are completely skipable if you have Spoiled Black Mamba and Are Mermaids Real.  They're worth getting if you don't though.

What Halloween collections have caught your eye this year?

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. Before I even read anything - I saw your pics and thought it looked just like the Mermaid one. Ughhh, I hate that these companies do that so often. I wonder if it's just a budget issue - much cheaper to rebottle an old polish than to create a new one. Lazy. I know it's hard to argue with a company that sells stuff for so cheap (Sinful is another one) but it's just so boring for the people that are faithful buyers.

  2. That's crappy that it's just a new package for the same polish. On a happier note, I have done some frankening with Are Mermaids Real myself with gorgeous results. I highly recommend mixing it with Disturbia from the mega last line if you have it. The resulting polish had so much depth and life to it and really looks like a much more expensive polish than what it actually is.

  3. i just bought the purple one, and the name o my bottle is amethyst rock... it may or ay not be a shade brighter, but esentially, it looks to be the same polish, different name


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