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Wicked Winnings Wednesday #1 - Cruella

 purchased by me 

AAAHHH!!  October is finally here!  Nichole and I have missed Halloween since...well...November.  We've been plotting for months for the return of Pretty Ghoul Science and Wicked Winnings Wednesday.  Nichole got the nail art started, but I get to give out the first treat! I nuts/old or does this look like a record sleeve?

I did some nail art too...

the nail art is why the post is late

If you've been a fan of Nouveau Cheap for a few years, you'll probably remember the fuss over these e.l.f. villain palettes two years ago.  I scoured the local Walgreens to find all three for my sister for xmas that year.  I found them at just one of the stores around here and never saw them again...until a year later.  This beauty was sitting randomly in a messy Halloween section at a store I'd checked before and visited many times since.  It was like finding a hidden treasure and it really startled me.  I have no idea where it came from, but it'll be going to one lucky reader!

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Since I don't have another of these to show swatches of the shadows and other stuff, I figured a villain as stylish as Cruella deserved some nail art.  You can see swatches of all of it on Musings Of A Muse.  You can get a closer look at my nail art right here...

that "hidden Mickey" is 100% coincidental, but also perfect

The dalmatian spots were where the whole thing started.  Vivid Lacquer's VL 011 plate on.  I freehanded the split black/white next.  The paw prints come from Bundle Monster's BM-424 plate and were Nichole's genius idea.  They really bring the whole thing together.  Thanks again, lady!  The polishes I used are Wet n Wild LAC My Mani? (ivory), Cult Nails Tempest (white) and Nevermore (black), and SinfulShine Devious.  They're all topped off with OPI Matte Top Coat.'ve probably also noticed that my nails are pointy.  More on that tomorrow.  Good luck in the giveaway and I'll see you then!

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


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