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Sinful Colors Wicked Color - My Picks

 purchased by me 

Well...most of my picks.  I accidentally re-purchased Splatter Spell instead of getting Cauldron Couture.  I'll probably be adding it to this post later in the week.  This is the week because...the 99¢ Sinful Colors Sale is back at Walgreens!  Normally I'd post massive spam, but since the last sale was just a month ago, everything I'd be adding would be in this post.  I love that they're doing these so often, especially since I only finally found the big Wicked Color display yesterday.  There are three new shades, a popular seasonal repromote, and numerous core shades in this display.  I have almost all of them this time around!

Splatter Spell has several sizes of black and orange hexagonal glitter, plus orange shards, in a clear base.

over Wet n Wild Roadwork

My shard crisis continues!  I love this!  I think it helps that the shards take a back seat to the glitter.  Cauldron Couture is similar, but green, and I'm absolutely going back for it now.  The formula's decent and doesn't take much effort to get a pleasant result.

Mystery Moonshine has green, periwinkle, and orange shards in a clear base.

over OPI Vampsterdam

Zeus made a face, and I'm on the fence about it too.  The shards are kinda unruly and pokey.  It's similar-ish to Sally Hansen Mind Your Manors, but the blue-y bits aren't as blue and the shards don't lay as flat.

Pumpkin Spice has tiny gold and small red glitter in a clear base.

one coat, over Cloud 9

Back in 2012 when Pumpkin Spice first came out, I passed on it.  Last year too.  I was stupid and wrong.  It's pretty and applies fairly evenly.  I'm torn on whether I prefer one or two coats.

two coats, over Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a tangerine shimmer.

Can't argue with that shimmer, but this is four coats!  Four!  Undies next time, for sure.

Cauldron Couture is like a green version of Splatter Spell.

over Sation Miss Emo Shun All

I'm not as nuts over this as Splatter Spell, but it's still pretty cool and I hope they do a few more variations.  It applies really easily and the few shards there are don't poke out excessively.

Rerun time!  Click the shade name to see my previous review.

Courtney Orange

Let's Talk

GoGo Girl

Pine Away (Blue Steel is not in this display)

Bottom line: I love Splatter Spell way more than I'd expected!  Mystery Moonshine is pokey and kinda disappointing.  Pumpkin Spice is one I feel like I should have bought when it first came out.  Pine Away is cool and I'm happy to see it return.  The rest are core or return often in seasonal displays.

I still can't believe I bought the wrong polish!  I even checked my spreadsheet!  Oh well...  Hopefully the Walgreens near my dentist's office will have it and I can stop in on the way home and exchange for it.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. I think this years Pumpkin Spice might be different. I picked it up either last year, or the year before, and this year's version seems different, more richer and has a more russet tinge to it. And the older version seems brighter and you can really see the red and the gold.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Splatter Spell looks really good over Wet n Wild Roadwork!


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