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Red And Fishnet

Fishnet stockings have been a Halloween staple since before "sexy" costumes took over.  Nichole did her take on them for an American Horror Story: Freak Show inspired look.  I did my version to match the bra I wore to the local shadow cast performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday.

The bra was one of those purchases that you know is silly, but you shrug it off because of a good price.  I think it was $5, so I decided it doesn't matter if it's too small.  With an extender it's fine for skimpy RHPS costumes dress-up.  I was toying with a few other ideas, but decided to go clean and simple and slightly matchy.  I used striping tape to block off the pattern, then applied KleanColor Bite Me over Cult Nails Tempest.

If you've ever done nail art, you'll know just how weird this is.... The right one turned out better!

*sigh*...stupid yucky right hand...

I should have taken photos of the nails with the outfit, but the only photo of me from that night is this one, with Dave (the cast's Frank N. Furter) and Zeus.  Not flattering any of us at all!  Oh well.  It was a great show, as always, and a great night!

This is probably the closest I'll get to wearing a costume this year, since I work on Halloween, so now's a good time to ask...  What costume(s) are you planning and how are you celebrating Halloween?

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