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SoFlaJo The True Death

 purchased by me 

Have I mentioned I have a Storenvy addiction?  I feel a little guilty buying indies second-hand, but it introduces me to brands I might never try otherwise.  One of my most recent purchases is from a new-to-me brand, SoFlaJo.  The True Death is named for something on True Blood, but I've never watched it.  My mind goes to White Zombie's "Black Sunshine" instead.  Still, you don't need to be a True Blood fan to love this...

The True Death has a black base with red-to-green shifting shimmer and a scattering of larger gold flecks.

You could put just about any kind of shimmer in a black base and I'd be all over it, but red-to-green is irresistible!  The base is a bit too opaque for the larger flecks to really show up on the nail, but I can't fault the shift!  The green only really POPS at extreme angles, but it lingers on the borders at other times.  It's subtle, yet not and that's delightful!

The only issue with buying second-hand polish is that you can't be sure how the formula was when it was brand new.  This collection came out in '12, so for all I know that's when the original owner purchased this bottle.  That would explain why it's so thick.  It wasn't unworkable, but it took more effort than it should have and the second coat was challenging.  It was almost a one-coater, but I needed a second for evenness and VNL protection.  I thinned it afterward.

I've gotta say, I love how changeable it is!

At its deepest, it almost looks purple.  So cool!

Just before I went to take it off, it dawned on me that it would be a great base for something I've had for ages yet never posted....

I got KleanColor Chunky Holo Black in a swap back at the start of my polish frenzy.  The shift is the same as SOTT/Hidden Treasure/etc, but in hexagonal glitter instead of flakies.  The "trouble" is that it's in a brownish tinted base.  It limits the layering potential, but I love it over The True Death!  The shimmer is just visible enough and it almost looks like it's all the same polish.

Quick little reminder...less than two days left to enter week one of Wicked Winnings Wednesday!  That Cruella palette could be yours!

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


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