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A very Wet n Wild Christmas

This lovely set was a gift from Thing #2. I completely picked this one out and handed it to her...but she's two so she needs a little help with this sort of thing. It was $5 at CVS, so I think it's within her budget!

my tiny pretties!

The dark shimmeries:
Under Your Spell and Disturbia. 
Normally, I don't really care for purple, but this color is lovely. A deep plum with gold and burgundy flecks. Under Your Spell reminds me of a Dr. Pepper can. I love Dr. Pepper, so thats a good thing!

The dark creams:
Haze of Love and Through the Grapevine
I had never even seen Haze of Love in stores before. Its a great brick red. And one coat of it + one coat of Under Your Spell is awesome for deepening the color.
I actually have and love Through the Grapevine. This particular bottle doesn't really look the same as mine. Maybe I got an off-bottle? It's still a pretty color though.

The Valentine's Day Colors:
I Red a Good Book and Candy-licious
Both ok colors. The pink looks a LOT better on me in photos than it did in real life.

The Sheers:
Sugar Coat and Break the Ice.
I generally stay away from sheers nowadays. My nails are pretty damned yellow by now, and sheers never look that great with yellow peeking out. I picked up a yellow blocking basecoat (it's blue tinted) that helps a good deal. Both polishes took 3 thick coats to get to where they are in the photo. They are a bit streaky, but not too bad. I would probably not wear them by themselves...but I prefer loud polishes generally. It's one of the benefits of being unemployed!


  1. this rarely happens, and never with Wet N Wild, but I love every single one of those colors.

    1. I'm not fond of the sheers, or the red/pink. But I love the dark shimmers and creams.


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