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Revlon Ritzy

Believe it or not, this is my first scheduled post!  I need to do this more often.  This one's scheduled a whopping few whole hours ahead!  (Writing around 7am.)  Wheee!

It's fitting that I'm scheduling this specific post, since this afternoon when this posts I'll be busy getting my car's headlights replaced.  I bought Ritzy on one of those grumpy whims after getting pulled over of my car's headlights is out.  Cop was great about it and didn't even give me that form to send in, but now I've gotta get it done.  Ritzy is another from Revlon's new Bubblegum Days/Urban Nights display.  I'd glanced at it several times, but after Midnight Sparkle, I was a little hesitant about their glitter polishes.  A $3 Revlon sale at Wegmans and a need to buy *something* converged and I wasn't hesitant anymore.

Ritzy is a mix of small black and silver hexagonal glitter and silver microglitter in a black base.

I'll just say...I've been wearing it for over 24 hours (this is one of those ultra-rare times that I'm actually wearing what I'm writing about) and I just can't decide how I feel about it.  Do I like it?  Not like it?  Dude, I dunno! It's tough to photograph, but then it's also just confusing.

No. Clue.  There are black hexes in there, I swear there are, but they get completely lost in the black base to the point that their effect is almost more like negative space than glitter.  I was hoping I could layer it, but that doesn't go well.  The base is too streaky for that, so you have to go with a couple of layers for opacity and that just gets...well...this.  I really just do not know.

I also wore it matte.  I still didn't know.

It may be a renaming of Sparkle Aplenty, but I don't have that so I'm not sure.  I'm just ten shades of unsure in this post, right?

What do you think?  Can you form an opinion for me?  Please?

I might be kinda semi-absent next week too or maybe I'll manage to get a bunch of posts scheduled.  Time will tell.  I'm so happy to have Nichole busily posting away, I can't even tell you!  Thanks, you!


  1. haha I'm more than happy to spam the internets. :D I don't think I like this polish. It's not bad, but it's nothing great. Maybe I need to see it in person?

    1. Trust me, that doesn't help. I even showed it to my mother, who hmm'ed a bit and then said she didn't think she liked it.

    2. I *should* like it. I just...don't. I dunno. It's "meh" at best.


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