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Revlon Heavenly, Trendy, and Urban's been almost a week since my last blog post.  Good thing Nichole's had a ton of stuff up!  My tooth isn't that bad right now, and I'm making the most of it.

I'm not sure if Revlon's new Bubblegum Days/Urban Nights display counts as a LE Spring collection or if it's an introduction to new permanent shades.  I've seen at least some of the new shades in the core display at Rite Aid and I know others have seen this at Walmart too.  Either way, it's an assortment of girly pinks and purples (one's even called Girly) on one side and bolder blues and grays on the other, along with a matte top coat.  I picked up two of the blues, and a milky glitter.  I'd heard that the glitter, called Heavenly, is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann Stairway To Heaven...and I love a good drugstore dupe!  I can never get enough blue creams either.  That's a post of its own, really.

Heavenly is a mix of iridescent hexagonal and square glitter in a slightly milky sheer base.

Heavenly applies fairly well, but does require some dabbing and placing to get good glitter coverage.  The base of Heavenly isn't opaque enough to noticeably change the color of the polish below it.  It looks great mattified, but that's no surprise considering that the display has a matte top coat.  I think they knew how well this would work...

The strong orange shift of the hexagonal glitter makes it a bit tricky to match with other colors.  I tried it over a bright blue and it clashed in a way I really didn't like.  I only liked it over dark blue and black, though it might also look good over a hunter green or warm pink.  I don't have Deborah Lippmann Stairway To Heaven, but I've seen it layered over a dark blue and mattified and it looks almost *exactly* like Heavenly does above.  The only difference might be that Heavenly does have a few cut hexes.  You can see one on my middle finger in the photo above, if you look for it.  Not a huge deal, to me anyway...especially considering that Heavenly is around $5 and Stairway To Heaven is a dizzying $18.

Urban is a dark blue cream.  My camera hates blues like this, so it was a struggle to get anything close to accurate.  I opted for blurry, but almost true-to-color over clear and totally inaccurate.  I couldn't seem to get the best of both.

I never have great luck with Revlon creams.  Something about their formula bubbles on me.  Still, it's easier to apply than some brands and dries shiny...though I did use top coat here.  Two coats for opacity.

Trendy is a medium blue-green cream.

It's a great shade, but it bubbled a little on me like all Revlon creams seem to.  Nothing that top coat didn't cover though, so the end result was fine.  Trendy also took two coats for opacity and was shiny even before topcoat.

All three were good, but Heavenly is the must-have.  I love how it looks mattified!  All three of these shades are being spotted in with the permanent shades and I think they're great new additions.

Hope it doesn't take me six days to post again!  I've done some layering combos recently that I'm dying to show off!  See you soon, maybe...


  1. Replies
    1. I think you both do too. It's unique enough among what I own, even with my blue cream obsession.

  2. I kind of need all of these. Why do I keep passing on them?!

    1. You probably have time. They're gonna be core, at least for a while, from the look of things.

  3. I have both--the Deborah Lippmann leans slightly more green, and the Revlon leans slightly more blue. If you don't care about having the Lippmann one (or are not nuts about the Lippmann formula like I am) the Revlon is just fine. The Lippmann has a little more coverage, but not by much.


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