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Am I Running A Fever?

I actually *like* the smell of a scented polish!?  They're usually awful.  I have a few, mostly old Revlon Fizzes.  I wore Pineapple Fizz as part of my nail art for the 4th of July...and gagged a little every time I caught a whiff of it.  It does smell like pineapple, but the day before you have to throw it out...when it's sickeningly sweet.  Eww.  I'd avoided my three other Fizzes because of Pineapple, but they're packed with flecks...and I love flecks, so....I winced and tried Mint Fizz.

over Revlon Trendy - a smokey blue-green you'll see soon

Gorgeous!  ...and it smells good!  I was worried it was gonna be toothpasty, but it's a very green mint, almost like basil.  It reminds me of my summer herb garden.  Pleasantly shocked!  And it really is stunning, in a way that's tough to capture.  Think Sally Hansen Glass Slipper's ice white flakes, only smaller, in a vibrant blue base.  In bright light it sparkles, but in lower light it has snowy depth.

Amazing!  I couldn't stop staring at it and I took almost 70 photos!  It's one of those that's a little different each time you look at it.  Like Glass Slipper, the flecks hide almost completely at times.

...only to shimmer again at another angle!  Really love it!

If you happen upon this somewhere, get it!  I got it from Carley, one of the girls I met at the Philly MUA Nail Board Meetup last summer.  We need to do that again!

And actually, I am running a fever.  Turns out I've got another abscessed tooth and I need another root canal.  Yay.  My appointment isn't for another couple of weeks and I need a course of antibiotics before I go, so I might not be posting much until's tough to know how these things are gonna go.  My mouth probably costs more than your car at this point.  I hate teeth.


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