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Zoya Gilty Pleasures...mostly

I got this for Christmas this year from lovely Thing #1. I may or may not have informed her father that I wanted this, or that it was available for an excellent price at Whole Foods Market (who knew? $15 cheaper there than anywhere else!) Regardless of whatever nefarious means I used to acquire it, it was waiting for me under the tree Christmas morning.

 It came with three colors: Raven, Purity, and the 18k topcoat. I haven't used the Raven yet, since I was already wearing China Glaze Liquid Leather (great black, by the way. Strangely looked navy blue in daylight.) Purity was a dream to apply. I have historically had major issues with whatever white I buy, but this one applied nicely after three coats. I must have been very good this year to get this set!

two coats of the 18k topcoat over China Glaze Liquid Leather and Zoya Purity. LOVE

three day old topcoat. Not too shabby.

A small note here: I never got around to applying an extra topcoat here. And in these photos, this manicure is about 3 days old. That 18k topcoat is pretty tough. My nails weren't fresh and glossy as they were on Day One, but they look pretty good for Day Three. No scuffs, no real dulling...I was impressed. Another thing that impressed me was how smoothly the flakes layed once the polish dried. I have a real hard time with bumpy polish. It's most of the reason that I don't really like most glitter polishes and topcoats. Gritty nails are a huge I can't not pick at the gritty stuff.

I love the fact that the gold flakes lay so smoothly. 


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