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DIY Hand Sanitizer...for nail art?

While browsing Reddit, I saw an AWESOME mani based off this video. It looked like a dead ringer for OPI Black Spotted, which I desperately want. I didn't actually have any spray hand sanitizer handy, and the comments on Reddit lead me to believe that regular alcohol wouldnt do. So I went in search of recipes for a DIY version. I found tons. I kinda adapted this recipe for my own uses. 

For this particular recipe:
Spray bottle
tea tree oil
aloe vera gel
70% isopropyl alcohol

about 1/2 ounce of alcohol. DO NOT DRINK THIS. 
about the same amount of aloe gel.

pour into a spray bottle and shake it like you mean it.

five or so drops of China Glaze Liquid Leather
one spritz. Looks like success.
 If you were going to use this as regular old hand sanitizer, I think we'd be done here. It seems like it worked pretty well for the water spot look too. Except...I couldnt get it to work again. I tried to do it again and test it on my nail (for science, of course) and it just broke into one large bubble. Damn and blast.

So I tried a different recipe. Basically 1:1 witch hazel and alcohol, which would also make a great spray sanitizer. I spritzed it on the water, and it looked right...but it wouldnt stick to my nail. Double damn. I'm going to try and pick up some store-bought spray sanitizer tonight. Maybe there is something in there that I am missing? If you, dear reader, have any ideas let me know. I'd love for this to work without buying some spray that I won't ever use for anything else.


  1. I have no clue, but good luck and update us on your achievements!

    1. oh I will. I've read that you can use body spray as well, but I don't have any. After the wee folk go to bed, I'm going to try straight alcohol. I NEED this to work!


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