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The Strongest Hairspray Ever

Hairspray is important. I never used to wear it, but now that I'm older and actually have to style my hair on occasion, I don't think I could live without it. My personal favorite is Elnett by L'Oreal. (I buy the unscented. I don't want to smell like hairspray all day. And the smell of the scented stuff lasts as long as the hairspray does.) This stuff is a little pricey, but man-oh-man does it hold.

 I decided to demonstrate the strength of this stuff by using a goofy five year old. She has ballet class every Thursday for one hour. I know it doesn't seem like a great test, but trust me when I say that even five minutes on this kid is a good test for any hair product. She is all over the place all the time. Plus, she has very fine wavy hair that does not enjoy being secured in a bun. (Hence the braided bun. Otherwise it would unwind before we even get out the door.)

Now, since she still has little kid wispy hair, there is a bit of movement going on. Plus she changed clothes and rolled around on the couch a bit before I managed to get her to sit still for another set of pictures. I still think it's a pretty awesome result. If I put gel in her hair while it's wet and then wind it into a bun (like for recitals) it falls down A LOT more. This hairspray is tough. Her bun had no movement at all, which is the important part. 

The best part isn't the hold of the hairspray, it's how easy it is to brush out. A few passes with the hairbrush and it's like it was never there. No flakies, no stiffness, no weird shape to the hair. If you want to restyle it, just pass a brush through it a few times. Which is awesome, because on dance nights, we get home too late to have baths and hair washing.

Hair put up, mostly dry. Sprayed with a moderate amount of hairspray.

about 2 hours later. Minimal movement.
The TL;DR of this: Elnett is worth the price. It defeated the hair of a spazzy five year old. Buy it.


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