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My Zoya Try 3 for "Free" Haul

I actually have my husband to thank for this haul. He is the one who initially told me about the sale. I love him sometimes. 

Zoya had (has maybe?) a sale going on for 3 bottles of polish for free! All you had to pay was shipping, which was $10. Not too shabby considering that the polishes each cost $8+ depending on where you shop. (Though, if you are in Monterey, I do know a little spa that sells them for $7 each.)

My Colors:
Midori (green)
Casey (super eggplant)
Layla (hi-lighter pink)

they came in a nice little box. I think this would be a good gift.

swatched on a scrap of photo paper because it was handy. One coat each!

I am kinda ridiculously excited about Casey.

The best (or worst, depending on your perspective) part is the catalog. I want nearly everything! I will be drooling over this for quite a while.

the new spring collection. Pastels make me sad.
all the light colors. I need to get one and try for a nude. 
the reds! I love reds!
the deep jewel tones + the pixie dust!
is it wrong that I really want to buy the whole Bold display?


  1. Those colors are so typical you! :P My order was pretty typical me too. I got 7 for $32 instead. Not as good, but I wanted more than three. I bought Casey, Naomi (which I don't like), Mimi, Monica, Shawn, Natty, and Neeka. I got Naomi hoping it would be a good nude for me, but it's pearly and peachy and NO.

    1. Oh, and it ended on the 13th.

    2. hahaha, I love those colors. And you knew I had to get a pink!

  2. Oh my, a neon zoya I don't have! Thanks :)

  3. What the hell? I dont even have my shipping confirmation yet!

    1. it took FOREVER to get ours. But once we got the confirmation, it took only a few days. I guess they had something like 3,000,000 orders.


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